Frequently Asked Questions

The people of Calvary Episcopal Church welcome you to our web site. We hope you will visit one of our worship services soon. We look forward to greeting you personally, and hope that the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you feel at ease when you visit and give you a better idea of what to expect.

What is the Episcopal Church like and what do Episcopalians believe?

The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion of Churches throughout the world. The Anglican tradition is a rich and diverse one, dating back almost 500 years. The web site of the Episcopal Church in the USA provides answers to these and other questions at its Visitor's Center. We encourage you to explore some of the many links to Episcopal web sites to learn more about the Episcopal Church. The site of our Diocese, the Episcopal Church, and Anglicans Online are good places to start.

Where should I park when I come to Calvary?

Parking is directly behind the church in the Best Park lot adjacent to the church's east entrance. Additional parking is available in nearby Central Parking lots. There is no need to pay for parking on Sunday mornings.

How am I expected to participate in the service?

You are encouraged to take part in any way that is comfortable for you. The best way to learn about our worship practices is to look through a copy of The Book of Common Prayer (BCP), which can typically be found in the pews of every Episcopal Church. An usher will give you a worship bulletin that will list page numbers in the hymnal and the BCP. Our hope is that you will be welcomed and given the feeling that you belong, but not pressured in any way.  Take your time, ask questions, and participate more fully when you are ready.

May I take communion?

Everyone is welcome at God's altar. All baptized persons of whatever Christian denomination are welcome to participate in Holy Communion, the family meal of the Church. Persons who have not been baptized are invited to come forward to the altar rail and receive God’s blessing. 

Are children welcome in the worship service?

Yes! Children are welcome at all Calvary worship services. We value their presence, their questions, their energy, and their innate sense of God. Our 9:00 a.m. service is designed with children in mind. Younger children are given the opportunity to join their peers (children age 3 through 1st grade) for Children's Chapel. Our children’s choir sings periodically at this service. There also are other special options for children during worship. 

How can I learn more about Calvary?

The best way to find out more about Calvary is to attend our Welcome Class for visitors and newcomers that is held throughout the year. The class is designed to give you an overview of the life of the parish, focusing on our core values: forgiveness, action, inquiry, togetherness, and hallelujah, which together spell FAITH. Contact Ebet Peeples for more information.

What does it take to become a member?

If you have been attending Calvary for a while, have been participating in worship, education opportunities, and other activities, and have decided you would like to become a member, please contact Ebet Peeples to complete a membership information form. In addition to the basic name, address and phone information, you will be asked to provide the name of the church in which you were baptized and/or confirmed. Calvary will submit the transfer request to your former church. You may become a baptized member of Calvary even if you were not baptized in an Episcopal Church. You will be encouraged to attend a Welcome Class for visitors and newcomers that is held throughout the year.

If you are not baptized, simply contact Ebet Peeples about the process leading to baptism. If you do choose to become a baptized member, we will encourage you to attend the Practicing the Faith adult confirmation class which meets several times a year.

Do I need to be re-baptized if I have already been baptized in another church? No. Once you have been baptized with water, in the name of the Trinity, you have been received into the family of Christ (not into a particular denomination) and that act need not be repeated. This is true even if you were an infant when you were baptized. If you wish to make a public, adult affirmation of your faith, you may choose to be confirmed. 

How do I transfer if I am a member of another Episcopal Church?

You may request that Calvary write your current parish and request a transfer of your letter of membership. Contact Ebet Peeples to begin this process.

What is expected of members?

Members are expected to be active in corporate worship (unless for good cause prevented), and faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God through the ministry of Calvary Church. We hope that you will join with others on their spiritual journey in the form of small groups or Christian education classes, participate in the service of others through our many pastoral care or outreach opportunities, and return to God a portion of the blessings you have received through a pledge of financial support to the church. People who do this are considered “members in good standing.” 

Can I get married at Calvary?

We understand marriage to be a Sacrament of the church that is celebrated in the parish in which you hold membership. The Church’s canons describe Holy Matrimony as a union "entered into within the community of faith." It is anticipated that, under normal circumstances, those who marry at Calvary Church will nurture their marriage in the context of this worshipping community. If you decide to become a member of Calvary Church, and wish to marry here, please contact Ebet Peeples to make an appointment with one of the clergy who will answer your specific questions. 

What do I do if I want to have my child baptized?

Baptism is the sacramental welcoming of a person into the Church, the Body of Christ, so it is essential that at least one of a child's parents be active in the life and ministry of this or some other parish. For further information about baptism, contact Ebet Peeples to make an appointment to speak with one of the clergy.

How do I get on the mailing list for the newsletter?

Filling out a membership information form or a Visitor's Card will get you on the mailing list for our publications and notices. You also may contact Ebet Peeples and ask to be placed on the mailing list.

How can I find out about volunteer opportunities?

Check our Time & Talent page. Many opportunities to get involved are listed there.

Where can I get brochures and other printed information about Calvary?  Complete a Visitor's Card located in the pew pocket and return it to an usher or in the offering plate during church services. You will receive a packet of information from Calvary, as well as a follow-up contact from Ebet Peeples, who coordinates our ministries of Welcome and Community. You may also help yourself to any of the pamphlets on our literature tables throughout the building. 

How should I address the clergy?

In our tradition, ministers are all the people of the church: lay people, bishops, priests, and deacons. We are an informal place, so feel free to skip the “father/mother” nomenclature. Adults may address our clergy by their first names.

How do I add a name to the Prayer List?

The Pastoral Care office maintains the Calvary Prayer List, which is published monthly in the Chronicle and weekly in the Worship Bulletin and on this web site. Contact Ebet Peeples to have a name added to the list.


Whom do I call to make funeral arrangements? 

The death of a member of the church or another family member should be reported as soon as possible to the clergy. They may be reached by calling the church office, 901-525-6602. After hours, an office automated answering system gives an emergency number. 


How can I change my address?

Simply fill out and submit a membership information form with the information you wish to update. You also may contact Ebet Peeples.


How can I get a pledge card?

A pledge can be made at any time during the year by using cards available in the pews, on tables around the Parish House, or by completing an online pledge card. Contact Katie Owen for more information. 


How can I give the Aumbry Candle in memory or in honor of someone or a special occasion?

The Aumbry Candle burns beside the wall receptacle which holds the blessed bread and wine of Holy Communion, signifying that the elements are present.  Candles are replaced weekly and may be given in memory or honor of a loved one. Contact Cindy Yeager.

How can I give the Altar Flowers in memory or in honor of someone or a special occasion?

The Flower Guild members arrange flowers each week for the main altar, except during Lent.  Flowers may be given in memory or honor of loved ones by contacting Cindy Yeager.

How do I make a general gift to the church in memory or in honor of someone or a special occasion?
Monetary gifts may be made in honor or memory of loved ones by contacting Cindy Yeager or by donating online. All money given is allocated for the worship needs of Calvary Church by the Memorials Committee.