Prayer Lists

Prayer Lists

Calvary's Prayer List is published weekly in the Sunday Bulletin and monthly in the Chronicle. Portions of the list also are read aloud during the Prayers of the People in worship services at Calvary. In addition, Calvary's chapter of the Daughters of the King pray daily for all those on Calvary's prayer list.

To place a friend, family member or yourself on our prayer list, contact any of the clergy or Ebet Peeples, 525-6602, ext. 138.

Names appear on the list for four weeks and may be extended on request.


Calvary's Prayer List

Blake Anderson
LR Anderson
Bobby Arrington
Linda Bailey
Michael D. Boyer
Ray Brakebill
Kathy Caltagirone
Susanna Clark
Jim Clay
Billy Cochran
Evan Collier
Tom Cooper
Ozzie Deason
Ann Denton
Proby Dulaney
Lilly Dumlao
Erich Emison
Perry Fath
Sarah Ferrari
Angelo and Brian Forino
Laura Garretson
Jep Gates
Peter Gram
Clay Greer
Ann Clark Ham
Marilyn Hedgepeth
John Heflin
Sharon Hicks
Lisa and Gabe Holt
Kathy Hunt
Joanna Hwang
Bob Jackson
Joyce E. Jeffries
Joan Jolly
Rick Law
Ava Lawrence
Jeanne Luckey
Leigh Marek
Karla Mathews

Earl Mitchell
Tem Mitchell
Laurie Monypeny
Karen Morris
Linda Nelson
Sissy Nickles
Judy Nocifora
Diane Outland
Rob Pallone
Phil Pidgeon
Clayton Pinner
Michael Provow
Terry Ralston
David Ready
Robert Roen
Dotty Rogers
Jan Schoemaker
Wyatt Schroeder
Ray Smith
Wally & Beecher Smith
Jo Speak
Lavonda Taylor
Lucille & Bill Teague
Jean Vandiver
Tripp Wall
Joshua Wallace
Joe Welch
Sandy West
Chip Westbrook
Libby Wheatley
Joshua Williams

Saints Departed

Helen Addington, grandmother of Elise Addington Dugger
Dr. Barbara Baxter, friend of Len Grice
Nancy Nearn Bethell
Delphine Boyer, friend of Jen Krouse
Katie Carroll, sister of Issiah Carroll
Mac Douglas, friend of John Palmer
Martha Duncan, sister of Joe Duncan
Olga Forino, friend of Gary Thompson
Cheryl Ranae Hendricks, sister-in-law of Richard Hendricks
Cornel Henry, son of Carl Henry
David Hinson, friend of Wil Hunt
Bishop Harold Hopkins, father of Katy Hopkins
Yveline Humbert, mother of Michele Crump
Lisa Ann Lichterman
Sandra Mayo, friend of Terre & Henry Sullivant
Barbara O'Brien, grandmother of Matthew Joyce
Bill Pugh, friend of Pat Morgan
Ronnie Tucker, uncle of Shannon Tucker

In addition to the Calvary Prayer List, we maintain several other lists specific to certain milestones in the lives of our members.

Calvary Cycle of Prayer

Each week the parish staff at their weekly staff meeting lifts up in prayer the names of ten individuals or families as a part of the "Calvary Cycle of Prayer." The Cycle of Prayer allows the parish to lift up and celebrate unique lives and ministries that are a part of this parish family. The Cycle continues throughout the year and, at some point, everyone's name apprears.

Great Expectations

When a child is born or adopted in our parish, it is cause for celebration for all of us. We encourage parents-to-be to let us know about the upcoming birth or adoption of a child. The parents’ names are added to our Great Expectations list and are prayed for during our services. Contact Ebet Peeples.

New Life

When there has been a birth in your family, regardless of whether the parents are members of this parish, we encourage you to let us know. We would like to celebrate this new life with you by lifting the child up in prayer during our services. Contact Ebet Peeples to add a name to this list.

Saints Departed

When a member of your family or a friend dies, regardless of whether they were a member of this parish, we encourage you to let us know. We would like to grieve with you by lifting them up in prayer during our services. Contact Ebet Peeples  to add a name to this list.

Those Preparing for Marriage

We recognize that a marriage is one of the most important times in the lives of our parishioners. Immediately following their wedding, we add the couple to our prayer list and pray for them during our services.