Phyllis Tickle Sermons

Phyllis Tickle Sermons

"There is magic is in the stories...holy magic. Without them, we would faint and fall in a desert of propositions and principles, lost in the sounds of our own intellect and stranded by our own certitudes."  ~ Phyllis Tickle

Phyllis Tickle was a Lenten Preaching Series speaker for many years, though she did not call herself a preacher, but rather a storyteller. She loved Calvary and her many friends in Memphis. 

Here you will find a collection of the sermons Phyllis preached over the years at Calvary's Lenten Preaching Series. 

March 14, 2005:           Our Lady's Tumbler

March 15, 2005:           The Melchizedek Story


March 6, 2006:       Slipping into Mystery

March 7, 2006:       There is No Hereafter Without "Here"


February 26, 2007:       A Bible Story Your Mother Never Told You

February 27, 2007:        Would You Choose the Chair?


February 8, 2008:       Emerging Church


March 10, 2009:       Church Emergent


March 1, 2010:       John of God

March 2, 2010:      Witch of Endor


March 28, 2011:       Jeremiah and the Cistern


February 27, 2012:       Moses and his Faith

February 28, 2012:       Hebrews 11:24-33


February 26, 2013:       How Prayer Keeps Her Anchored in the Reality of God

March 1, 2013:     How Prayer Keeps Her Anchored in the Reality of God