Vestry Leadership

Vestry Leadership

Calvary's vestry, the governing body of the parish, shares the leadership of the parish with the rector, and consists of 15 members, who are nominated and elected by the congregation for three-year terms. They meet to oversee the temporal affairs of the parish, as well as to support the rector and staff in promoting the spiritual welfare of the parish. In addition, the vestry, in conjunction with the finance committee, is accountable for the fiscal responsibility of Calvary Church.

Five vestry members are elected at each annual parish meeting in January, so there are five "new" members each year, five who have served one year already, and five who have served two years. The by-laws of Calvary provide that a retiring vestry member is ineligible for re-election to the vestry until three years have lapsed. Once in place, the vestry annually selects a senior warden and a junior warden to serve as vestry leaders.

Vestry meetings are open to all interested in attending. The meetings take place the third Tuesday of the month, at 6 p.m., in Crook Auditorium, unless listed otherwise on the calendar. Along with the treasurer, clerk, and at-large members, the junior and senior wardens compose an executive committee, the warden's committee, which meets regularly with the rector. Vestry members also share leadership responsibility for the ministry groups of the church.

Meet the Vestry

Term Ending 2019

 Sarah Ball


Gail Harrel

Les Smith

Peg Wahl
Senior Warden

Hank Word


Term Ending 2020


 Madge Deacon


Edwin Thorpe

Kim Kitterman

John Webb

Heidi Rupke